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[CRITICAL] unfair ban
Why the fuck did i get banned just for joining another tsu?? First of all i own the premium gamepass wich makes me immune to perm ban. i may know that i can be immune to perm ban but that doesnt mean i ever took advantage of it as well never broke a rule. Second , after i resigned it means that i no logner have to follow minister tos (such as joining other army groups/tsu etc) so this means that im considered as a normal player now and normal players can be in any group they want. The person who banned me was the famous stevesas with reason: noobie boobie joined other tsu. You guys should be glad i left your discord servers but still wanted to ban me.  :huh:   And if i ever come back to appeal , i will only do it just because of the gamepasses i own. Nothing else.

-Panos , Former Minister of Red Army during the Golden Age.


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